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ENRICHMENT: Please note, enrichments are vendor/contractor driven classes.  Information provided is a courtesy to our parents.   These programs are not sponsored by MDUSD, Valle Verde or the PTA. Please do not drop off forms/payment to the front office. Payments should be delivered/mailed to vendor.  If you have questions, you should contact the vendor directly.

Hello Parents & Caregivers!  We are proud to support after-school Enrichment Classes at Valle Verde.  Class offerings cover a host of arts, sports, and academics -- and are held on the Valle Verde school campus after school hours.  Also, children attending the Valle Verde Children's Center can be escorted by center staff to and from classes.


Q:  Where are the Enrichment Class offerings listed?

A:  To find Enrichment Class offerings, please visit the Valle Verde Elementary school website.  From the home page, choose the "Links" tab and scroll to "Enrichment".



Q:  How to I register for and pay for the classes?

A:  Generally, the registration/payment instructions can be found on the class flyer.  Many of the classes have a online registration option, through a visit to the vendor's website.  Vendors without a website ask caregivers to fill out the flyer ("registration form") and mail it to their address along with a check for the fee.  


Q:  What if I register and a class is cancelled?

A:  From time to time, a class may not get enough sign ups and the vendor decides to cancel the class.  If you've already paid for the class, you will be notified that the class will not be held and your payment will be refunded.  


Q:  If I have further questions about Enrichment, who should I ask?

A:  The current coordinator for Valle Verde Enrichment is Lori Worden, she can be reached at or at 925-330-1904.


Winter Enrichment Class List 







  • Spanish-2/28-5/15, 2:40-3:40pm in B3.